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When it comes to bus charters and long-distance trips, renting a motorcoach is one of the safest ideas. It can be challenging to try and choose the ideal method of transportation for you; you can travel by train, take a plane, or drive yourself. To find the best means, you have to consider various factors. Some of these factors include comfort, price, duration, environmental impact, and, most of all, safety. M&M Buses Chicago will show you exactly why renting a bus is safer and better than traveling by car or any other means of transport.



M&M Bus Charter Chicago has the most convenient means of transport. You determine where the trip starts, where to make stops, and where it ends. You have the freedom to make your itinerary to match your needs exactly how you want. The M&M Buses motorcoaches have all the amenities you need – WiFi, bathrooms, sound systems, and television. The best part is that no one from your group has to drive the bus – a professional driver will do it for you.



Environmentally friendly people and researchers have made this fact visible to the general public. Those who have educated themselves on the impacts of CO2 emissions know that by traveling by plane, you are worsening the situation. For example, taking a flight from London to New York emits more CO2 than some people in some countries produce in a whole year. Flying by air accounts for about 2% of global emissions at the moment. Aviation is currently one of the fastest-growing polluters in the world. If you care about the environment, try to avoid flying as much as you can, as buses have the smallest carbon footprint out of all other means of transport.



Compared to a plane, a motorcoach is so much comfier. It’s less crowded, and you have more legroom in a motorcoach. You can adjust your seat and sit more comfortably. You can go to the bathroom whenever you want or change or switch seats with someone. There is more storage space in the bus as well. You won’t have to get rid of your things like when going to the airport. There’s also internet; you can watch a movie or take a nap. The best part of not flying is – you can ask for a stop anywhere you need.


Are motorcoaches safe?

Motorcoaches - Travel by the Bus

The safest way to get from point A to point B is by a motorcoach. Although technically air travel is number one, they are more neck and neck. There’ve been fewer accidents with planes, but the environmental impact planes have on the whole world is enormous. Therefore, motorcoaches can be called the safest ground transportation. The highway can be a pretty dangerous place. Still, with a professional driver at the wheel, all bus passengers are safe. 

There are more than 6 million motor vehicle accidents yearly in the US, in which around 40.000 people tragically lose their lives. 58% of these accidents that resulted in death involved only one vehicle. The most common accidents are side-impact collisions of two vehicles, collisions with a fixed object (such as signs, trees, posts), and rollovers. Most importantly, almost half of the fatal car accidents occur during nighttime. When accidents happen, it’s usually due to a lack of concentration, stress, fatigue, or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Speaking of Chicago alone, the numbers are smaller but not less daunting. According to the information from the Chicago Police Department, there were over 100 thousand crashes and 100 fatal accidents from September 2017 to July 2018. That’s an average of 319 accidents every day.



By consulting and booking a bus charter service in Chicago, you are making sure that you and your family are safe during travel. Wherever you’re going, whether it be a wedding, a field trip, or a family gathering, it’s important to stick together. To sum everything up, here’s a list of reasons why you should choose motorcoach service in Chicago for your next trip:


  • M&M Bus Charter Motorcoach drivers are experienced professionals who have years of know-how and practice on the road
  • Coach buses have a plethora of safety features, from seatbelts to the design of the bus itself, which is made to withstand accidents and minimize passenger injuries
  • Motorcoaches have a dedicated maintenance professional who checks everything before and after the trip to make sure the bus is working perfectly
  • Traveling in groups in a motorcoach is the safest way to go – no need to stay separated in different vehicles and risk getting lost, or getting in an accident
  • M&M Coach drivers can make sure that if anyone needs emergency care, they take them immediately to the hospital

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