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Charter Buses for Wedding Transportation

Why Rent a Charter Bus?

Like anyone planning a large group trip, you should rent a charter bus to make your party’s transportation as easy as possible. See M&M Limousine Services’ biggest benefits of renting a charter bus below to create a trip experience unlike any other.


Ride Safety

When you opt for ridesharing, hailing taxis, or renting sedans and SUVs: you run the risk of your friends and family getting lost, running out of gas, and other similar accidents. Instead, keep the group together by sharing a charter bus rental. This way, you can keep a close eye on your loved ones and ensure they get from place to place and back home safe and sound.


Long-Trip Relaxation

Planning a vacation can (unfortunately) get stressful; let alone creating a trip for a big group of people! Keep your vacation and fun and easy as you intended—rent a charter bus. Turn the details over to a high-quality transportation company, like M&M Limousine Services. This way, you can relax the whole ride rather than worry about driving, following map directions, and finding parking.


Chauffeured Transportation

A charter bus rental is driven by a professional chauffeur. This makes it a great transportation option for students, long-distance, corporate outings, and large-group events. This allows everyone to be present with the group and create lasting memories—rather than be isolated in the driver’s seat.


Choosing the Right Bus From M&M Limo

To get the full benefits of renting an M&M charter bus—there’s a couple of things you’ll need to keep in mind when you’re picking the right bus for your group’s needs. Determine how many passengers you’re going to have to choose an appropriately-sized ride. You’ll also have to think about what style you want for this trip: limo bus, shuttle bus, or charter bus? What fits with your trip activities? Will your group want more space between the seats? All of these considerations will help narrow your option down to the perfect M&M bus for you.

View our bus fleet and related vehicles so you can be well on your way to a great large group journey!


Cost Estimation of Charter Bus Rentals

Get the idea of your charter bus pricing by requesting a charter bus rental quote on our website and inputting your pickup and drop off locations.

Some of the factors that will determine your cost will be the distance and duration of your trip. The price of charter bus rental services goes up with miles traveled, as it does with the number of days transportation services are needed. Additionally, booking us during our busiest time of year—April through August—can be more expensive, as our services are needed for family trips, graduations, proms, weddings, and other big events. You may see more expensive charter bus transportation services in areas outside of major cities because of limited availability, and because you have to cover the distance a bus travels to initially pick up your group. Try your best to give us exact addresses in your quote request so we can get you the most accurate bus prices possible.


Suggestions for Planning Your Trip

Now that you have an idea of charter bus pricing, look on to some of our other trip planning suggestions:

  • • Finalize trip dates
  • • Confirm passenger headcount
  • • Book transportation and hotel early
  • • Schedule your trip tickets
  • • Determine trip itinerary
  • • Pack your suitcase early
  • • Confirm group pickup location

Don’t forget to reach out to M&M Limousine Services with any questions about our on bus offerings and amenities, as well as special requests to make your group vacation on our character bus rental an unforgettable one.

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