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M&M Buses Chicago Practical Travel Guide

Whether you have a conference, or if you’re coming to Chicago as a tourist, traveling in style is always a plus. The key is to stay both comfortable, practical, and chic. Yes, all of this is possible, even if you’re traveling by bus. Bus travel is often underrated, especially in the US, but it’s very safe and not to mention affordable. Compared to purchasing a plane ticket, booking a bus charter is a lot more practical, especially if you’re traveling in a group. With years of expertise and knowledge on ground transportation, M&M Bus Rentals Chicago has compiled a safe and practical travel guide for whenever you’re taking the bus.


Surviving Long-Distance Bus Travel

First things first, it’s essential to book your trip with a reliable bus rental company in the Chicago area. M&M Bus Rental service in Chicago offers the most affordable and safest tours to wherever you need. You can take a look at the frequently updated and well-maintained fleet of vehicles that range from vans to motorcoaches, depending on the size of your group. The further in advance you book your trip, the better. This strategy allows you to create an itinerary and plan the trip according to everyone’s needs. 

You can book your trip online, via email, or through the website. It’s effortless, and the customer service representatives are always there to help you along the way. The best thing about traveling by bus is that you can pack however you like since there’s a lot of room for luggage, and overhead space. Every bus in the fleet is equipped with outlets for charging your phone or tablet and air conditioning. There are also very comfortable seats with enough legroom for tall people, a luxury that isn’t frequent when traveling by plane. Packing a travel backpack with water and snacks is also important. Don’t forget your medications and your documents and valuables. Keep them close to you at all times, so you don’t lose them.


How to Pack for a Trip?

Packing for a bus trip is not as complicated as you may think. It’s important not to overpack – not because of the lack of space, but because of the practicality. You can start with your clothes. Depending on the climate you’re coming from, and where you’re going, you need to adjust your outfits. It’s usually best to layer it up if you’re not sure. Check the weather forecast for your destination and make sure you bring a raincoat, hat or an umbrella if need be. 

To keep things minimal, try to pack your suitcase outfit by outfit, and roll them. That way, you will maximize the usage of space in the suitcase and not forget anything important. There’s no need for extra pants or shirts, pack only the essential outfits you now you’re going to need. The only thing where it’s okay to overpack is underwear. A good rule of thumb is to pack one pair for each day plus an extra just in case. Nothing is stopping you from washing your clothes when you get to your destination. 

You should pack your toiletries separately and organize them, so you don’t forget anything. Double bag them in case something breaks or bursts (although you can also avoid that if you bring travel-sized bottles or pack everything into tiny containers). Keep them on top when you’re packing your suitcase because that’s what you usually most need. You don’t want to rummage through your luggage to find your toothbrush or shampoo.


What to Wear When Traveling?

What to Wear When Traveling - Bus Trip

There is a whole sub-category of clothing items that were born for this kind of occasion – athleisure. This type of clothing is made from light and comfortable materials precisely for the reasons we mentioned. Even if you are not a fan of this type of fashion, there’s something for you too. Here’s how to stay comfortable on your trip, but also fashionable, and blend in instead of looking like a tourist:

  1. Wear comfortable shoes – find the most comfortable and stylish pair of sneakers you own. If they’re white, beige, or black, the better; you’ll combine them with the rest of the outfit easier. Burkins are also not a wrong choice in case it’s hot outside.
  2. Accessorize less – jewelry and watches that are your precious items should be left home. You can find some modern and inexpensive jewelry to wear with your outfit. That way, if you become the victim of petty theft, you know that nothing valuable was stolen from you.
  3. Not good at coordinating an outfit? Wear a jumpsuit – Unfortunately, this tip is mostly for women out there that struggle to make an outfit work. A jumpsuit, no matter the color or pattern, can make you look well put-together anytime, and they’re also comfy and lightweight.
  4. Baseball hat – keeping away from the sun exposure is always essential, so a baseball hat can make sure your eyes and face stay protected. Also, it’s an excellent, fashionable choice to wear with your outfit (and also hide messy hair, in case you haven’t had the time to wash it).
  5. Wear a leather jacket – leather jackets can make almost any outfit look more deliberate. On top of that, a leather jacket can protect you from the wind and other weather conditions. Think about incorporating it into your travel outfit.
  6. Scarfs save lives – when traveling to places with unpredictable weather, bringing an umbrella is a good pick, but a scarf means that much more. Maybe the AC on the bus is set too cold, or you’re shopping in a mall that’s a little chilly. It’s not taking up much space, and it’s chic, so bring one.
  7. Safe and chic bags – you can buy a tiny multi-compartment backpack, a cross-body bag, or a fanny pack. All of these bags are definitely in style, and you can keep your belongings close to you when you’re roaming the city.



Traveling by bus doesn’t have to feel like a hassle. Especially if you choose M&M Buses Chicago. With these tips and tricks, you’ll make sure your road to the destination is comfy, and you look elegant while doing it. One doesn’t have to exclude the other, is what we’re saying. If you like to travel in even more style, for corporate travel, there are M&M Limo Buses available for traveling in luxury and leaving an impression. In any case, traveling doesn’t have to be boring, and with this guide, you’ll make sure of that.

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