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In this day and date, things are changing on the business scene, and they are changing fast. Long gone are days of people (and when we say “people” we mean the workforce keeping a company’s reputation solid) coming second, bosses always getting their way, and poor working conditions taking the tool on every honest person in a firm. The shift in the way we not only talk to our employees but also in the way we put ourselves out there for them is significant, and we do hope it’s just going to result in mutual progress, growth, and acceptance.

What’s group transportation got to do with employee satisfaction?

When you think about it – a lot.

If your firm is located somewhere outside of town, or your employees live far from your company’s location, their hardened everyday commute is actively taking a toll on their commitment to work, their spirits, and overall energy levels. However, if the employees are provided group transportation that’s reliable, comfortable and well-appointed, they’ll have fewer worries on their mind, and more energy to focus on their tasks. What is more, when your people understand you are investing in them by making sure their transportation to work is pleasant and relaxed, they’ll feel appreciated and therefore committed to building an empire with you. And that’s a win-win, isn’t it?

Other than feeling rested, how can the employees additionally benefit from group transportation?

The benefits of a shorter commute to work make for happier and healthier employees – in every way. How so? Employees who use corporate shuttle transportation can use the downtime to sleep longer (read: get more rest), prepare for their day relieved of tension, get a jump start on their email, or just chill at the back of a car while someone else drives. What is more – as studies suggest – stress-related health problems like anxiety, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and depression are all linked to regularly driving in traffic day in and day out, so – booking group transportation with M&M Buses for your employees can only do everyone good!

Are there any environmental benefits of booking group transportation?

There absolutely are! With fewer cars on the roads, gas emissions are reduced, urban city streets aren’t as cluttered, and pollution is reduced by a percentage. Your contribution may not be too significant for the planet globally, but you’ve got to start somewhere, don’t you?

What are the benefits of booking group transportation or shuttle transportation on business? When you look at a bigger picture, you can only win with this option. Here are just a few reasons proving booking group transportation Chicago is the best decision you can make for your business:

You’ll position yourself as a company that cares about its people

Providing benefits to your employees such as organized transportation is a perfect way to show them you care about their well-being, their health and – after all – their comfort. Well cared for people show gratitude in a way they not only show up 200% in the way they work but they also stay loyal to the company that’s got their back. Think about it.

You’ll strengthen your reputation as a place to work with nice perks

WOM is everything, and once your employees start talking about the way they are treated, you’ll immediately get recognized as a desirable employer! These days, an employer who supports a reasonable work-life balance is the best person to work with – use organized group transportation as a vehicle to get recognized as one.

Commuter van and buses might save you money, too

Booking a commuter van or bus service can be a much better option for your wallet than building a parking garage or paying for your employees’ mileage. Offering commuter programs may also result in getting tax credits, so – you never know!

Your shuttle service arrangement may attract and keep more great employees

A shuttle program may reduce turnover and help attract more new hires because employees know they will save money on transportation costs while being super cared for. Social interaction with their colleagues is another benefit for employees, and traveling together as a group is a perfect way for them to get to know each other better and build relationships in their workplace and outside of it. After all, a sense of teamwork goes a long way, doesn’t it?

Going green helps everybody!

Encouraging your employees to share a ride and enjoy the benefits of the company’s group transportation dramatically reduces your company’s carbon footprint and raises awareness. Fewer cars on the road is a good move for your community, your company, and your employees.

M&M Buses offers a variety of solutions for your corporate transportation needs, so there’s no doubt you’ll find yourself booking the most convenient option. Give us a call to arrange your regular corporate transportation!

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